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Joh. Sieben GmbH is a family business which was founded in 1875 and is still managed by its owners today in the fourth generation. We make plastic bottles, jars and cans from all common materials with our state-of-the art machinery and at the highest level. We operate a three-shift system in production and make all our products at our site in Heinsberg.

We have a team of supremely motivated and highly qualified employees to guarantee optimum customer service and manufacture of first-class products which are “Made in Germany”. You can rely on the high quality of our workmanship. We have a large selection of different products and we are happy to work with you to develop the products you need.

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Our customers include high-profile companies in the cosmetics, household care, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Do you have any questions about our products? We will advise you on the basis of your own individual requirements and look forward to receiving your inquiry!

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  • 1875 Johann Sieben sets up the company for the production of wooden baskets
  • 1958 Plastic baskets and technical parts are produced by injection moulding
  • 1963 Extrusion blow moulding technology is introduced
  • 1975 The extension to the production and administration building at the current site in Heinsberg is ready to move into
  • 1987 The production, storage and office areas are extended
  • 1999 Injection stretch blow moulding technology is introduced
  • 2007 Co-extrusion technology and viewing stripes are added to the range
  • since 2010 Hydraulic machines are replaced with all-electric production machines (in a rolling programme still ongoing to date)
  • 2013 Our new warehouse building is completed with all the requirements for the FIFO system
  • 2018 A state-of the art machine with optical sensors and touch probes of the latest generation is acquired for continuous optimisation of quality
  • 2019 / 2020 Expansion of production by three all-electric extrusion blow moulding machines and one ISBM machine

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Johann Sieben (1875)